icon   Our Mission

ARCH Consulting and Engineering Studies is a distinguished engineering consulting firm. It started its career in 2001 and grew its expertise in the light of the increasing institutional work in our society and the needs of the market until it entered the engineering profession in 2005. Since its inception it has been distinguished in all fields of specialized engineering studies and project Management. The company embraces a committed human resource that cherishes its culture, stores a quality and quantity of high-end artistic and creative expertise, works with confidence and mastery. The company has the honor to provide moral support to it and consider it one of the most expensive assets at all. The company believes that the customer is not a target, but his service is the goal, respect, appreciation and proud to obtain his satisfaction and gain his confidence through the development of its potential, expertise and efficiency in the manufacture and delivery of the best and best product. In accordance with the standards of the profession and based on the latest systems of engineering and global administrative work. The company is committed to a range of values and ruling assets that form the umbrella that embraces the company. We cherish the pride of our institution, our culture, our values, our vision, our faith.

icon   Our Vision

Through trust in God and with the effort and tenderness of human wealth, a strong believer and through a sophisticated organizational structure and methods and administrative systems that contribute to the achievement of the visions of humanity in the field of urban development and to a level facing the challenges of the evolution of engineering work in all its dimensions, researchers distinguished presence in Lebanon and the Arab and Islamic world provide a distinguished model and distinctive in Sincerity, mastery and excellence in the field of design, supervision and project management. We look forward to our rise in the leadership index at the level of taking an important position with the big companies, thus contributing to building common architectural and engineering visions, finding the right engineering solutions and providing the most appropriate advice at all levels of specialization and economy.

icon   Core Values



We cherish the heritage of our institution, our culture, our values, our vision, our faith.



We believe that the spirit of teamwork is a valuable value that contributes to the achievement of effective action.



Beneficiary is an essential and important element in our work, we respect and appreciate it and we are aware of our duties and responsibilities towards it, we care about its needs, put our expertise and competencies in service, and seek to gain its trust.



Our product is the essence of our service, we make it perfect and interact with it, we are committed to achieving it perfectly and based on the principles of total quality. It is not a specific goal but a philosophy that we continually improve.


Adoption of Global
Engineering ...

Engineering work is a creative and professional work based on the fundamentals of the profession and keeping abreast of effective scientific developments. We believe in and adapt it based on the latest global engineering systems, based on organized and systematic scientific culture.