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International Exhibition for the Reconstruction of Syria

News/Event Topic :Exhibition.

News/Event Date :10-09-2017

This participation was based on the company's ability to contribute effectively to reconstruction, believing that it has the necessary components in carrying out its work. It recognizes the importance of partnership between the public sector and the private sector in the field of reconstruction, stressing that the exhibition constitutes opportunities and promising areas of work

Conference on sustainable development and guidelines in municipal and municipal associations

News/Event Topic :Conference.

News/Event Date :10-05-2017

The company reviewed models of the strategic plans on which the development programs are based and how to integrate with the regional plans and ways of providing funding for the projects to be implemented

Training course for employees on water treatement ,treatement refinery

News/Event Topic :Training.

News/Event Date :10-11-2014

The aim of this course is to introduce the employees to the latest technologies on how to design and implement sanitary water treatment plants and to organize condition books

Annual recognition of the company's employees

News/Event Topic :Event.

News/Event Date :02-06-2016

Believing in the importance, role and value of employees as a core asset, the company has always honored its employees and their families through a luncheon and the distribution of honorary shields

Visit of the delegation of the Iranian Ministry of Education to the company's headquarters

News/Event Topic :Meeting.

News/Event Date :19-11-2015

A delegation of the Iranian Ministry of Education visited the company's headquarters and invited to participate in the tender of an educational complex funded by the Ministry of Education of Iran in Lebanon